1. Catechetic and Liturgy

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Isaac Honsan

  1. Bible

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Riji George

  1. Evangelization

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Joseph Dale

  1. Clergy & Formation Commission

Director                :   Rev. Fr. John Kashiiprii

  1. Education

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Stephen Touthang 

  1. Laity

Director                :   Rev. Fr. John Kashiiprii

  1. Youth Director & AMCO Secy.

:   Rev. Fr. Albert Leivon 

  1. Women

Director                :   Rev. Sr. Lissy CSSE

  1. Communication & Media

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Mark Thang Khan Ai

  1. Diocesan Vocation

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Vialo Francis

  1. Small Christian Community (SSC)

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Alebert Leivon 

  1. Family Apostolate

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Solomon Thezii 

  1. Health Apostolate

Director                :   Rev. Fr. James Tangshel Khumlo

  1. Art & Culture

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Kholi

  1. Social Work, Peace & Justice

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Biju Lukose

  1. Ecumenism & Dailouge

Director                :   Rev. Fr. Peter Haokip

  1. Labour (CBCI) & Domestic Workers Movement:                                                                                                                                                                                                     Director                :   Rev. Sr. Regina Mareem  MSMHC

18. Pontifical Mission Society:

Director:  Rev. Fr. Dale Joseph 



        President: Rev. Fr. Francis Vialo 

        Secretary:Rev. Fr. Joesph Thohrii 

        Treasurer:Rev. Fr. Athanasius Mung 

  1. AMCU (All Manipur Catholic Union)

        President : Dr. Mathew

        Secretary :Mr. Rocky Alfred

  1. CRI (Catholic Religious of India)

       President:Rev. Fr. Philip Puthettupadavil SDB

       Secretary:Rev. Sr. Rosin SABS

  1. APC (Archdiocesan Pastoral Council)

      President:Most Rev. Dominic Lumon D.D.

      Secretary:Mr. Jacob Lhungdim

      General Secretary:Robert Monsang

  1. MCWO (Manipur Catholic Women Organization)

      President:Mrs. TS. Shelvi Monsang

      General Secretary:Mrs. NG. Lidya

  1. MCYO (Manipur Catholic Youth Organization)

      President :Mr. Napolean 

      Vice President:Mr. Kishan Kundrakpam

      General Secretary:Miss Cahnmayon Febiola 

  1. Parish Establishment Committee

      Rev. Fr. Dale Josep(Economer)

      Rev. Fr. Linus Neli

      Rev. Fr. Robert Somi

      Rev. Fr. Sebastian Chelat 

8. College Establisment Committee

     Rev. Fr. Parvis John 

     Rev. Fr. Stephen Touthang 

     Rev. Fr. Lijo George

     Rev. FR. Jacob Chapao 

     Rev. Fr. Hilary kamei 

9. Peace and Harmony 

   Rev. Fr. Peter Haokip

   Rev. Fr. Linus Neli

   Rev. Fr. Mark Ai

   Rev. Fr. Solomon Thezii 

   Rev. Fr. Albert Leivon 


The Archdiocese of Imphal runs a Media Centre which is house at the Pastoral Audio Visual Centre. It is now renamed as Commission for Social Communications Office. The Office of Social Communications (OSC) of CBCI wants that all the dioceses of India bear the same name to ease project applications and communications to all the dioceses of the country. The Commission for Social Communications of the diocese is linked to North-East Social Communication (NESCOM) which in turn is linked to OSC-CBCI. 

The chief activity at this moment is Online Social Media communication on five social media plattforms, namely, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube and Twitter. This is managed by Radio Veritas Asia: Zo Service team. They are also responsible for maintaining the website of the diocese and the diocesan Facebook. 

The centre also has an audio and video studio. Most of the productions to feed the five online social media plattforms are produced in the studio. At the moment most of the social media content is in Zo, Thadou-Kuki, Simte, Paite, Vaiphei and Gangte. Website and Facebook content of the diocese is in English. The diocese has given both office and studio space to be managed and maintained RVA Zo Service team.

Content production for this social media plattforms is on the increase. Hits have significantly increased in Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Efforts are on to increase content for the diocesan website and Facebook.

Office of Commision for Social Communications is also responsible for the publication of the diocesan bi-monthly magazine, CATHOLIC MANIPUR.



Some functions of MYD

* MYD collaborates with CESM (Catholic Educational Society Manipur for English Schools related works.

* MYD is responsible for distributions of text books to the Schools under CESM.

* MYD also conducts orientation programs for teachers and students for the Schools under CESM.

* MYD also organise for youths especially in the state of Manipur.



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