Charitable Works

Archdiocese of Imphal is a Registered Charitable Organization. It therefore, runs charitable organizations registered separately for serving various needs of the suffering humanity in the state of Manipur.

1) Diocesan Social Service Society

Diocesan Social Service Society, Imphal (DSSS) is a registered voluntary Non-Government Organization, registered under the societies Registration Act, Reg. No. 253/M/SR/1991. It is the development wing of the Archdiocese of Imphal, which initiates, plans, formulates, monitors, co-ordinates, and implements and evaluates all the development projects. 



The Diocesan Social Service Society came into existence in 1991. The objectives for which the society is established are to provide technical and vocational training, to promote scientific method of agriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, to establish farms, to perform works of charity and relief, to train development workers in the state, to improve quality of life, to arrange seminars, workshops, conferences, and programmes relating to one or of its objectives.

2) Sneha Bhavan

It is a home for the HIV/AIDS infected and affected children established in 1994. It is also home for the HIV/AIDS infected and affected women in the state of Manipur. It is run by FMA nuns. It is located at the Airport road. It is a new  extension building of Little Flower High School, Imphal, Manipur. It also rehabilitates chemically dependent women and children. It provides homeliness environment to those women and children. Male children are send to St. Joseph Higher Secondary School and female children are send to Little Flower High School for free education. 

It also runs vocational training centre for embroidery, tailoring, pickle making, candle making, handicraft, flower making and knitting. Women and children who got trained in various career oriented skills go back to their villages and make their living with the livelihood skills imparted to them. 

3) Mercy Home

Mercy home is a rehab centre located at Phailen, Churachandpur. It was started by FCC nuns to take care of chemical dependent Churachandpur youth of Manipur. Some inmates are kept within Mercy Home Hospice while others come on regular basis for free ART injection and other detoxification drugs. It solely depends on local contribution. It also provides counseling facilities to those who are in need. Professional Social Workers run the Mercy Home. 

4) Krippa Foundation 

Kripa Foundation  has the privilege of being the largest Non–Governmental Organization in India, affiliated with the Union Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, working among people afflicted with chemical dependency & HIV Infection. It was founded by Fr. Joe H. Pereira at Bandra, Mumbai. It has spread to all the states in India. Manipur is one of them. He himself came to Manipur and started the Trust at Koirengei, Imphal, Manipur. 

Over a quarter century of service, Kripa Foundation has evolved a module of non-discriminating, supportive community living, empowering people to introspect and bring about a change in lifestyle. KRIPA, derived from the Sanskrit word “GRACE,” lays emphasis on the need to study risk perception, effectively assist in harm minimization and provide training to the affected individuals enabling them to monitor life as an ongoing process of Spiritual Growth. Today, Kripa is at the forefront in facilitating training in Chemical Dependency, Rehabilitation and HIV/AIDS, and offers a broad spectrum of services to the community, facilitating law enforcement agencies, educational institutions and other academic institutions that are involved in Human Services.  A major area of work involves- interaction with industry in terms of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is comprehensive and addresses situations with utmost confidentiality.

5) Carmal Jyothi

Children affected by HIV/AIDS face various forms of poverty, discrimination and stigma and are the most vulnerable of all. There are a few government run homes for children who are in need of care and protection. However, there is large number of orphans and destitute children as a result of the various conflict situations and the HIV/AIDS infected children are often most neglected and unwanted. Carmel Jyoti seeks to offer holistic care for these children in a residential care and support facility up to the age of 18 and to integrate them into the community as and when they are able to cope with the challenges.

The organization currently provides holistic care, protection, nutritional care, support and treatment to 76 children living with HIV/AIDS. They also ensure quality education for the children in a protected environment and integrate them into the local schools gradually. Creating awareness and support from the community and locality is of great importance to the organization. ‘Arms Around The Child’ supports Carmel Jyoti to achieve its objectives and provides the best possible fighting chance for these kids.

6) Bosco Maangal 

The Bosco Mangaal was founded by Rev. Fr. M.C. George Menamparmapil, sdb who has the vast  experience of dealing with youths when he was International Chaplain of MIJARC for four years (1998 – 2002) in the national animation team of the Salesians of Don Bosco for India – DBYA-India, responsible for the animation of all groups and movements run by Salesians in India – including the scouts and guides –  co-ordination of all Salesian work for the ‘Young at Risk’ – street children, slum children, drug addicts, HIV-infected, school drop-outs, tribals, dalits, orphans, the handicapped, etc. He started the services of Bosco Mangaal in October, 2002. The vision of Bosco Mangaal is "A YOUTH FRIENDLY MANIPUR"

A mini library, mini gym, counseling services to the youths, indoor and outdoor games facilities are being provided in the youth centres. In 2005, Primary Schools Teachers Training was added to the services of Bosco Mangaal. 13 schools have been adopted since then. Then Bosco Mangaal added the services of Youth & Peace Programmes also in 2005. In 2006, Community Schools were established in the rural areas of Manipur where many adolescents have been given non- formal education. There are many other services like Educational Support to the poorest of the poor children in Manipur and Children living with & Affected by HIV, Vocational Support to the young people, Income Generation Activities for the Women living with & Affected by HIV, Life Skills Education Programme for the youths, students and teachers etc. Today, the Bosco Mangaal has a wide range of services to reach out the young people in general, poor children who do not get the opportunity to attend schools, children living with & affected by HIV and the people living with & affected by HIV. The staffs are sent to capacity building trainings at different places of India so as to enable them to deal with the activities or programmes implemented. The Bosco Mangaal, started with only two staff now reaches to more than 50 regular staff and many numbers of field staff.  The staffs are the members of different communities in Manipur. 

Bosco Mangaal was not very active for  a short period of time. With the appointement of Rev. Fr. Athishu Nekhini Anthony as the new director Bosco Mangaal is active once again. The organization is back to training school teachers with its program called 'Teachers Effectiveness Program'. on 24th July 2019 Rev. Fr. Athishu Nekhini Anthony and his team are busy training teachers of Don Bosco High School, Khoupum Valley. 



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