Archdiocese of Imphal is one of the best dioceses in India with 117 diocesan priests, about 67 religious priests and about 368 religious nuns. It has about 178 local priests (Diocesan & Religious) and about 700 local nuns (annual statistics 2023). In the North-east the Archdiocese of Imphal has the highest number of local vocation. It is still growing. Many people living in the hills of Manipur make annual request to Archbishop to open new centres in their respective areas but the archdiocese could not fulfil the request due to shortage of personnel and finance. 

It runs the best educational institutions in Manipur both in urban and rural Manipur. The missionaries run the educational institutions very  efficiently and effectively with absolute dedication. Education is the first requirement towards economic, social and political transformation.  The Archdiocese provides best health services through hospital and dispensaries at nominal charges and at times free of cost. It serves every suffering humanity with utmost love and care as Jesus Christ would. The door is kept always open for the suffering and marginalized poor. 

Whenever, natural disasters hit the state of Manipur the Archdiocese will be the first one to step forward to serve and to care. It seeks the help and collaboration of various national and international NGOs. The Archdiocese never shy away when it comes to begging for the suffering people of Manipur