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The Archdiocese of Imphal has 48 Parishes, 8 mission Centres and has about 76 schools (inclusive lower primary schools) In every diocesan parish there are one or two priests appointed by the Archbishop of Imphal, Manipur for a period five years for the Parish Priests and 1-2 years for Assistant Parish Priests. the tenure can be extended. They are all transferable. By virtue of obedience they follow the order from their Shepherd. The parishes run by religious priests have more personnel.

In every parish there is a convent where religious nuns stay to help the parish and the school. The diocesan priests are ordained and appointed by the Archbishop and the religious priests are ordained by Bishop but appointed by the provincial. The priests and nuns embrace celibacy. They cannot keep property for themselves other than their own personal dresses. They work for the development of the place where they are sent to and leave everything and go to the next place of transfer. They obey their superiors with no complain. They develop the place. They develop the people. But no attachment. The list of parishes are in pdf format. To know in detail kindly open the pdf file. 


Parishes/Mission Centres in the Archdiocese of Imphal Parish Name  Parish Priest  Assistant Parish Priest. 
1 Assumption Parish, Awangkhu  Rev. Fr. TS. Dominic   Rev. Fr. Thomas Ningmei 
2 St. Marýs Parish, Bendramai  Rev. Fr. Hilary Kamei  
3 St. Ignatius Parish, Bishnupur  Rev. Fr. Somi Robert Rev. Fr. James Kamei
4 St. Peter's Parish Chandel  Rev. Fr. Michael Kochuparambil  Rev. Fr. Pengam Augustine
5 Christ king Parish, Chingjaroi  Rev. Fr. Gabriel Mayopam Rev. Fr. Salew Joseph
6 St. Joseph's Parish, Choithar Fr. Yesudas Anthony OFM,  Fr. Vincent Serrao OFM
7 Good Shepherd Parish, Ccpur Fr. Stephen Touthang 

Fr. Stephen Baite 

Fr. Samuel Naulak 

8 Sacred Heart Parish, Hungdung  Fr. Lijomon George  Fr. Albert Rakesh 
9 Holy Redeemer Parish, Canchipur  Fr. Kholi Emmanuel 

Fr. Titus Zimik

Fr. Benjamin Kodai (Student) 

10 Mary Immaculate Parish, Chingmeirong  Fr. K.S. Joseph Karumampallil SDB

Fr. Hans Ignes SDB

Fr. Jeremias SDB 

Fr. Johnny SDB (Ravalico Hostel) 

11 Holy Trinity Parish, Lamphel  Fr. Elow Samuel SDB

Fr. Phillip Puthettupadevil SDB

Fr. Thomas Karthkkappallil SDB

12 St. Joseph's Cathedral  Fr. Varghese Velickakam   Fr. Ngaolouni Paul 
13 St. Paul's Parish, Sangaiprou  Fr. Isaac  Matesou   
14 St. Francis De Sales Parish Kangpokpi  Fr. Roy Muthedathu MSFS Fr. Bosco Ngouvei MSFS
15 Good Shepherd Parish, Kasom Khullen  Fr. Jacob Pamei  
16 Assumption Parish, Kholian  Fr. Avince Dilbung  
17 St. John Bosco Parish, Khoupum  Fr. Michael Hingba SDB

Fr. Francis Tinglung SDB

Fr. James Kamei SDB

18 Christ King Parish, Liyai  Fr. Jerome Veigas SJ

Fr. Khathing Jeremiah SJ

Fr. Stephen 

19 Holy Spirit Parish, Longpi  Fr. Victor Arulappan  Fr. Louis Sunbeam 
20 St. Xavier's Parish, Makhan  Fr. Bosco Golmei  Fr. John  Pouveiche 
21 St. John Bosco Parish, Maram  Chennoth Sebastian SDB

Fr. Manianchira Sebastian SDB

Fr. Thomas Ekka SDB

Fr. Adahe Paul SDB

Fr. Joseph Ngasangmi SDB

Fr. Karottupuram Sebastian (C.Principal) 

Fr. Aerinmattathil Sebastian SDB

Fr. Sunny Minj SDB

22 St. Anthony's Parish, Marimchi Fr.Ignatius Golmei   
23 De Paul Parish, Molkon  Fr. Babu Sebastian CM  
24 St. George Parish, Moreh  Fr. Dale Joseph  Fr. Anthony Sen
25 St. Anthony's Parish, Muirei  Fr. Sibi Alexander   
26 St. John's Parish, Nungba  Fr. Angelus Zingkhai Fr. L.S. Jonah 
27 St. Paul's Parish, Pallel  Fr. Aloysius Seiba  Fr. Joseph Haomuanlian
28 St. Vincent De Paul Parish, Pangmoul Fr. Philip Baite CM

Fr. Jins CM

Fr. Basil CM

29 Holy Cross Parish Phaibung Khullen  Fr. Francis Nganingmi   
30 St. Dominic Parish, Phaitoul  Fr. Georege Baite  Fr. Jaison Joseph 
31 St. Mary's Parish, Punanamei Fr. Jose SDB Fr. Francky SDB
32 Holy Rosary parish, Purul  Fr. Kurian Ovelil MSFS

Fr. Andreas Zingkli MSFS

Fr. Panii Paul MSFS

33 St. John Bosco Parish, Senapati  Fr. Lourdhusamy 

Fr. William Nepuni(C.Principal ) 

Fr. Ephriam Mayarping

Fr. Veilouni William 

34 St. Thomas Parish, Singngat Fr. Athansius Mung   
35 St. Joseph's Parish, Sugnu  Fr. John Seisou   
36 St. Joseph's Parish, Tadubi  Fr. Athew Mathew  Fr. Lukle Poupao 
37 St. Joseph's Parish, Talui  Fr.Kuriakose K   
38 Mary Help of Christian Parish, Tamenglong  Fr. Selvaraj  Stanislaus SDB Fr. Soreng Pradeep SDB
39 St. Xavier's Parish, Thanlon OSJ Fathers Fr. Roju OSJ 
40 St. Teresa's Parish, Tuaintenphai  Fr. Louis Khongsai   
41 St. Mary's Parish, Tuibong  Fr. Joy Kurian  Fr. Mark Ai
42 St. Dominic Savio Parish, Tungjoy  Fr. Philip Rei  Fr. Priyesh 
43 Mary Help of Christian Parish, Ukhrul 

Fr. John Besii


Fr. John Parvis (C. Principal)

Fr. Joseph Thohrii 


Queen of the Mission Parish, 


Fr. Manoj Gurudia  CM


45 Sacred Heart Parish, Yairipok Fr. John Kashiiprii  
46 St. Joseph Hr/Sec/Sch Sangaiprou Fr. Bonio Fredrick Fr. Mark Khumsang
47 St. Anthony's Parish, Laii  Fr. Biju LUkose   
48 St. Xavier's Parish, Majuron

Fr. Hector D'Souza 




MISSION CENTRES IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF IMPHAL Parish Name  Parish Priest  Assistant Parish Priest. 

St. Joseph's Mission Centre


Rev. Fr. Marius Gangmei   
2 Mary Immaculate Mission, Kakching Irum Lomdon Fr. Sijo Ozhalakkattu   
3 Holy Cross Mission, Kakching Khunou Fr. Mark Kumshang   
4 St. Peter's Mission Centre, kamjong  Fr. George Mingthing  
5 Mary Help of Chbristian Mission Centre, Keihao Fr. PX. George Thottappilly  SDB  
6 St. Dominic Mission Centre, Lamphoupasana  Fr. Jose Kaniampady SDB   
7 St. Peter's Mission Centre, L. Tengnoupal  Fr. James Baite   
8 Mary Help of Christians Mission Centre, Maryram  Fr. Barla Pancratius Dilip SDB   
9 New Allipore Mission Centre  Fr. Jaison Joseph  

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